Network, Security and Management

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Network, Security and Management

At the heart of your medical, dental, or veterinary practice information technology are the network and the equipment connected to it. Your network equipment can include an internet connection device, cable modem, DSL modem, Fiber connection, a network switch, router, firewall, wireless access points, VPN connections, and more. Keep IT Simple understands the potential confusion around this part of your office and we put a lot of emphasis on providing your medical, dental, or veterinary practice with a stable, well managed, secured network environment.

Network, Security and Management

We take pride in our cable management and understand that the biggest part of tackling the dreaded “network closet” is to simplify all those cables! Our portfolio of before and after network closet transformations is something you will want to see. We take time to understand each role a cable has within your network, eliminate the ones not needed, and label each cable so there is no confusion and no questions.

Working Remotely with Secure Remote Access and Monitoring

Doctors, managers, and staff are working remotely more now than ever before.

Going between the office, their homes, and or traveling and on the road. Keep IT Simple will set up a convenient secure remote connection so you can access your practice location safely and securely. Your team needs a secure connection when working remotely that cannot be compromised when working from home or a satellite location. You need to be able to verify that a person is a patient of record, find their date of birth, their preferred pharmacy, their prescription history, and pull up medical records so you can save time and make after-hours calls more efficiently.

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One of the primary risks involves remote workers accessing business systems through personal devices at home, which may have limited security controls such as minimal endpoint protection or network firewalls. Cyber-threats targeted toward remote users include credential-stealing malware that collects access to patient information, financial information, social security numbers, and other confidential information stored in Practice Management and/or Electronic Health Records, which penetrate the network and can result in severe HIPAA/HITECH violations.

Employees working remotely has been an increasing trend for many medical, dental, and veterinary practices. Your practice may also have certain departments that work from home. There is no better time than now for practices to make great efforts in securing their remote workers. Our Technology consultants can help educate you and your team about Safe Practices for Remote Access.

Having a HIPAA & HITECH compliant way to access your schedule in an event of a weather-related or personal emergency can help you be able to notify patients very quickly if appointments need to be rescheduled. Keep IT Simple will ease your fears, educate, and make sure your practice is HIPAA and HITECH compliant in all technology aspects within your medical, dental, or veterinary practice. Let Keep IT Simple help you set up convenient secure remote access & monitoring today!

Equipment security is another major concern for medical, dental, and veterinary practices. We specialize in making your equipment secure and HIPAA & HITECH compliant. To achieve this, we make sure to implement and change all defaults on your networking equipment to an extremely secure protocol so that your network and equipment is meeting the most secure and state of the art security standards. Your first line of defense against hackers, ransomware attacks, unauthorized users starts with having the highest security standards being implemented in all areas of the network and securing each and every device. Keep IT Simple Technology Consultants receive monthly security training on the latest threats and are routinely trained on how to secure our clients’ practices with the latest security methods to keep your medical, dental, or veterinary practice safe, secure, and protected!