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Smartphone, Tablet, and Portable Device Management

Smartphones, Tablets, and Portable devices have increased substantially in today’s medical, dental, and veterinary practices as technology continually evolves.

Smartphones, tablets, and portable devices have become an integral part of most medical, dental, and veterinary practices. Used mindfully, these devices can save time, improve clinical documentation, and reduce after-hours record keeping. However, new challenges are created for securing patient data.

Smartphone, Tablet, and Portable Device Management

According to the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, the use of smartphones, tablets, and portable devices in healthcare is outpacing the privacy and security protections on those devices.

Any medical, dental, and veterinary practice that uses mobile technology to receive, transmit or store any amount or type of PHI must have certain security options in place and must remain HIPAA and HITECH Compliant.

Today’s professionals understand that convenience can come at a risk. Keep IT Simple will manage your devices to work seamlessly and securely throughout your network as well as ensuring HIPAA and HITECH Compliance to help protect the privacy of your patients and practice information.

Apple Device Support

As one of the only Apple Certified technology companies in the healthcare field in the US, we take pride in our company and the extent of our knowledge of Apple products and more! We understand how these products are designed to work seamlessly together. We can help you decide on what new equipment will add to your day-to-day experience.

Android Device Support

Not a member of the Apple Family? No problem. We are just as knowledgeable about your Android devices. We can help make sure that your Android devices are up-to-date on its operating system updates, as well as make sure it is sufficiently protected as you work with patient data.

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