HIPAA Compliance & Risk Assessments

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HIPAA & HITECH Compliance & Risk Assessments

Keep IT Simple and its team of technology consultants are highly trained in keeping up with the latest security trends and vulnerabilities. We know the ins and outs of HIPAA and HITECH laws and stay current with the ever-evolving regulations. Fines for HIPAA and HITECH violations can range from $500.00 to $1,000,000.00 per violation. Your patients entrust you with their personal information, including medical notes, social security numbers, financial information, and other information stored in Practice Management and/or Electronic Health Records. Keep IT Simple keeps our customers safe, secure, and protected. Keep IT Simple will help ensure your practice is compliant with the law and protected from today’s vulnerabilities.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliance & Risk Assessments

Keep IT Simple will ease your fears, educate, and make sure your practice is HIPAA and HITECH compliant in all technology aspects within your medical, dental, or veterinary practice. We also assist with Meaningful Use and Risk Assessment documentation, Cybersecurity awareness, Business Associate Agreements, and Disaster Recovery Plans. Our extensive knowledge can help save your practice from a major disaster or catastrophe!

Ways to maintain HIPAA & HITECH Compliance:

  • Implement HIPAA and HITECH compliant healthcare technology software. While it is nearly impossible to find a system that is 100% HIPAA-compliant, be sure to choose a company that will go the extra mile to make sure your practice is as close to as possible HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Keep IT Simple works with all the different types of Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records (EHR/EMR) software and will consult with you about which type is best for your practice.
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  • Cybersecurity is a must. Investing in additional security measures and evaluating which software works best with the specific needs of a practice is required for additional protection when maintaining HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  • Conduct regular risk assessments. Keep your practice compliant while protecting your practice’s patient information. Keep IT Simple conducts regular risk assessments throughout your practice to reveal any potential vulnerabilities and will make recommendations to secure and protect the confidentiality and integrity of your practices protected health information (PHI).
  • Penetration Testing. The right penetration test can reveal vulnerabilities and compliance risks. Keep IT Simple will help protect your organization against the most current hacking trends by performing a thorough discovery process to demonstrate how your practice is vulnerable and what steps you can take for remediation.
  • Security Awareness Training. Providing your staff with cybersecurity education about security threats and your practice’s policies and procedures for addressing them will help keep your practice secure. Security awareness training can help prevent phishing attacks, account takeovers, or other well-known means that cyber-criminals use to steal critical information.
  • Securing Remote Access for Employees. Employees working remotely have been an increasing trend for many medical, dental, and veterinary practices. Your practice may also have certain departments that work from home. There is no better time than now for practices to make great efforts in securing their remote workers. Our Technology consultants can help educate you and your team about Safe Practices for Remote Access.
  • Maintain possession and control of your practice’s mobile devices. The use of software via a mobile device is one of the most prominent ways information is stolen or exposed. While it may be convenient, misplaced or forgotten mobile devices increase the risk of vulnerability in which data can be accessed and stolen. Consistently reminding staff members to maintain possession and control of their mobile devices and their location is vital to maintaining a high level of HIPAA and HITECH compliance and integrity.
  • Ongoing staff training. One-time staff training is not enough to remain compliant. Regulations are always evolving. Staff members need to be aware of important changes as well as constantly participating in refresher courses to stay sharp when it comes to protecting patient information.

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