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IT Service and Support for Pediatric Dentists

IT Services and Support for Pediatric Dentists
Keep IT Simple specializes in servicing and supporting Pediatric Dental Practices!

Pediatric dentists deal with many day-to day-headaches when it comes to technology. Some days are better than others when it comes to using technology in the practice for the pediatric dentists and their staff. Pediatric dentists need their practices to operate productively, efficiently, and streamlined while using the latest technology on the market without any and or very little technology interruptions.

IT Support Reducing Downtime From Technology

The headaches can begin as soon as a patient calls to make a first-time appointment, or when the check-in computer is running slow or not working at all. The website could be inefficient for filling out a patient form and/or difficult to navigate altogether! The office line may be busy when a patient tries to call and make an appointment or ask questions. The patient may even sit on hold anxiously waiting for a long time to speak to a staff member only to get a busy signal or voicemail.

Once a patient enters the practice, other new challenges may arise for the pediatric dentist, their staff, and the patient. Problems can arise and range from the check-in and check-out experience for the patient and/or staff member operating the PC behind the counter. The pediatric dentist and their staff may have issues with the PC and/or tablet when interacting with the patient to type inpatient chart notes or information regarding the patient in the consult rooms and/or operatories. Other issues may arise if the WiFi and/or internet is running slow or is down altogether in the practice. You need your practice operating at peak performance at all times!

Our team provides exceptional IT services and support to pediatric dental practices that provide specialized oral care to children of all ages so that they can be more successful, productive, and efficient in running their pediatric dental practices.

IT Support for Pediatric Dentists

We work with a lot of pediatric dentists like yourself. We understand the technology that you utilize for caring for children’s teeth, gums, and mouth through various stages of childhood. Our specialized approach and experience working with so many pediatric dentists not only allows us to understand your needs, but custom tailor our IT work when it comes to working with the front desk, check-in, checkout, operatories, patient education software, and so much more. We work with the technology that integrates practice management, digital imaging, digital x-ray, patient education software, many other cutting-edge technologies, and service the IT needs for them.

We Work with Pediatric Dentists

Over the last 20 years, Keep IT Simple has performed over 1500 successful installations and continuously supports more than 250 dental practices in Alabama and the Southeast providing IT service and support for their computers, servers, and complete IT solutions for pediatric dental practices. We have expanded our repertoire and now service the entire US in addition to the Birmingham, AL, area where we have spent most of our time.

Medical & Dental IT Service and Support

Pediatric Dental Practice IT Issues

No pediatric dental practice is too big or too small! We work with many sized practices and many sized budgets and will work with you, too, to find the perfect fit for your technology needs while saving your pediatric dental practice money. Our team works around the clock to ensure that information flows smoothly and securely within your network and have less IT issues.

We service and support all practice management, including software imaging and x-ray software.

Our pediatric dental clients would agree that we have done an excellent job servicing and supporting them. We have excellent references and work very hard to make our customers and their staff happy, which in turn makes parents and their children happy.

Free IT Technology Evaluation

We offer a Free Comprehensive Technology Evaluations. We will check to see if your dental practice is safe and secure, HIPAA and HITECH compliant, verify and test your onsite and offsite backups, check antivirus, firewall, anti-malware, and test to make sure your PC’s and Server are running at optimal performance. We do all this free of charge and put together a comprehensive report to go over with you.

Why wait? Save time, money, and keep your administration and practice running seamlessly so you can focus on what is most important: your patients. Contact Keep IT Simple now.

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